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  • Willnorn
    [Norn One] iPhone 6/6s Case (Black)
    4.8 6 Reviews
    The Compact Super-High-Capacity Portable Charger
    Color :Black
    Ultr-Thin! Only 1mm surface. You never saw a full body case as thin as this one.
    Ultraprecise split-type desgined, have Aesthetic and Protect both.
    360 Full Protection. Set a tempered glass protector perfect guard your iPhone.
    Standalone camera, flash, sensor hole reflect aesthetic idea. Precise buttom cellular hole desgin perfect play original sound.
    German hardness PC material. Metal texture handle feel, smooth, and anti-Slip
  • FAQ
    Does Touch ID work with the case on?
    Yes i have no issues at all
    If I purchase a 3D glass screen protector will this case fit?
    I'm not sure about a 3D screen protector? Depends on how thick it is. I have a basic thin screen protector & it's fine. The case fits fine with it
    Can you use any type of privacy screen protector
    If the privacy screen protector is similar to the film screen protectors then yes....they work just fine with the case.
    Would it still fit the iPhone 6 even if I have a privacy screen protector on ?
    Probably not since this is an exact fit to the phone, it does comes with it's own screen protector that you place on the screen once you have placed the cover on the phone. I too had a pricy protector and I removed it, the screen it comes with for me is much nicer and more clear. It protects the phone well I have dropped it several times on my tile floor and nothing has broken.
    With this on can it fit an iPhone 6 otterbox.? Since it is "super thin".?
    Does it come with a screen protector
    Does the camera work well on the case? No glare with flash? Even at night?
    Yes. The camera isn't obstructed in anyway so it's worked perfectly fine for me at night using flash.
    The hole looks small for the front camera. Does it block it?
    It fits the phone just as any other case. I wouldn't waste money on this though. Trust me.
    does this iphone 6 case work with 6s
    Yes it does!
    Does it cover the back in full? To me it looks like it doesn't cover the sides?
    Yes, it covers the back in full.
    I already have a glass screen protector on my phone. Will this case fit on top of it?
    It just comes with an extra screen protector, so yes. I actually didn't even use it, because I have a glass protector on mine.
  • Reviews
    • Very sleek way to protect your iPhone!
      Levi80 27/09/2015
      Length: 3:53 Mins
      I received this item to test and review, so made a short video talking about it.

      I was a bit skeptical on this case as I usually do not like multiple pieces being attached to the phone. I am usually in the camp of people who like snap on, slim cases or heavily protective and waterproof cases (depending on the outing). When I was given the opportunity to test this case out, I was intrigued.

      Let me say that I am impressed with how precisely the cutouts are done and just how form fitting this slim plastic case is. The buttons are all easily accessible and the cameras are both fully usable. This case hugs the phone body as well, making it feel like you are holding a grippier version of the naked phone. I really like this as the iPhone is probably one of the best feeling phones out there right now, IMHO.

      The inclusion of a tempered glass screen protector is a great bonus and makes the whole package feel more quality. The fact that it covers the entire rectangular area on the front of the phone is really cool and makes the transition from the case to the screen less "bumpy".

      Overall I would say that if you are looking for a case that will provide a little protection and keep the phone looking pretty darn sleek then check this one out!
      • Worth Every Penny.
        T.J Harris 09/10/2015
        DO NOT be Skeptical to buy this case its all that. This case is the best case out there for people who want a slim case but want there phone protected. Looks great ( Lot of compliments), its not slippery , easy to snap on ( follow instructions to ensure good fit), easy to take off if you want ( place finger nail in between seems and slide off gently. Do this for all four corners) and the color holds up. No Bulk is added and feels like you just have the phone in your hand but gives a comfortable feeling due to the design. It covers the ENTIRE phone when placed on correctly don't believe any comments that say " its gap or spaces " they just didn't put in on right. Box and everything it comes with is cool to. It will upgrade your phone in a good way.

        Tempered Glass: Now Im not sure if this will apply to all tempered glass brands and kinds thats out there for the 6 but if you have Verizon and you buy the tempered glass from a Verizon Store THIS APPLIES TO YOU. When I first bought the cases I couldn't Figure out why it wouldn't fit right. I struggled and was kinda pissed, then it dawn on me. The Tempered glass that comes with each case is designed for the screen only not glass part ( white or black part on front of iPhone). The case has to sit flat on the phone to close right and the glass wasn't allowing that, once I removed the tempered glass I had on it snapped on easily. The tempered the case comes with is good and doesn't scratch easily (tested it with pen and keys and couldnt scratch) ( TAKE TIME this was my first time putting on tempered glass without having someone in the store do it and if I can do it trust you can lol). This tempered glass also raise the screen which makes you swiping the bottom of the screen to get your utilities (Bluetooth, flash light etc) still easy, I couldnt do with the Verizon glass on around the case.

        This is no BullSh*T. For a case that is slim fully covers and protects from scratches and decent drops give it a try.
        • Make sure you buy authentic Willnorn!
          Jennifer S. 16/01/2016
          I have now purchased this same item 3 x's. The first one was perfect; fit like a glove and the color was as pictured. The second one was a fake; fit terribly and was an obnoxious pink color. The third was authentic and perfect like the first. The authentic version will have the brand name on the case. As you can see by thre pictures, the distinction is evident (and even more so when on the phone)!
          Worth paying an extra $5+ for the real thing!
          • Slim and stylish
            Taylor S. 21/06/2016
            I’m obsessed with this Rose Gold iPhone case. It fits my phone perfectly, it is very slim but has great protection. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector that fits perfectly as well. The directions were simple and it was very easy to apply both the case and the screen protector without any issues. I ordered this for my iPhone 6, I was looking for something new and stylish. I mainly order all black for my phones but I figured to give this Rose Gold color a try it looked pretty in the description. I’m so glad I went with this color and not clear like I originally wanted! I like how form-fitting/slim this case is. I don’t like the bulkiness that other phone cases have. This particular case fits into my pocket without it bulging out the side. I love this case! And I hope this company plans on making more cases for the future iPhones that will be coming out. I highly recommend this iPhone case!

            -Easy to apply
            -Slim/form fiting to phone
            -Nice hard case
            -Includes tempered glass screen protector
            -Comes with cleaning wipes

            NO CONS

            *Disclaimer – I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion!
            • yes
              bree 13/11/2015
              Just got the cover today and i'm really happy with the results, i put it on this morning and i felt no fear of my phone being unprotected, felt fully secure and i just what i expected! i love the glass protector it comes! my pictures pretty much show it! i got the rose gold btw :) and i def. recommend this to anyone.
              • Surprisingly slim and durable
                Nicholas Calderone 13/09/2015
                This case was actually pretty surprising to me. First of all, it has a very nice soft silicone feel to it. For me, this is great because it sort of causes some traction when you are holding the phone in your hand. Phones slipping is always a concern for me. Secondly, this case is super, ultra thin. It’s probably the best case I’ve had my hands on that makes the iPhone 6 feel like there is no case on it. Even though it’s thin, I feels solid and protective. This case comes packaged with a glass screen protector and is very easy to install. The case does come in two pieces that snap together. I’ve honestly never had a case come together so easily that was split design. All of the ports are completely accessible. The only critism I have is that the home button feels to be quite recessed. The TouchID still works fine, but it just feels a bit odd until you get used to it. 

                "This product was received at a free or discounted price in exchange for my review. I am a technology journalist and pride myself on providing fair and honest reviews. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have."
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